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Engineering Continuing Education (ECE)
ECE is the continuing education (non-credit) arm of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University. In addition to the Engineering Professional Development (EPD) Program, our services are available for non - engineering businesses, manufacturers, state/ federal agencies, and engineering consultants.

EPD - We develop and supply Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors convenient, reasonable priced courses on DVD and online that meet their states requirements for CEUs. Coupled with our standing as a fully-accredited University and a leader in this area, our programs have been widely accepted as more and more states require continuing education.

In-House Programs and Short Courses - We develop customized inhouse programs and short courses specifically designed to provide organizations' technical personnel with information that they need to be more efficient and effective. We handle every aspect of planning and development: instruction, course materials, breaks and meals, meeting rooms, registration, and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for participants.

Conference and Event Development - We plan, develop and manage all aspects of multiple-day conferences and events for professional associations, trade shows, and similar groups, including publicity, lodging, registration, breaks, interest session, instructors, keynote speaker, meals, banquets, social events and group excursions.

Certificate Programs - Our office is currently seeking to broaden our avenues related to certificate programs. In conjunction with Professional Licensing boards throughout the United States, we are developing partnerships with business and industry to provide non-credit, continuing education courses for professional development certificates and/or licensure.

Short Courses, Conferences, EPD Programs, Certificate Programs

State Board Recognition of Auburn University CEUs

Some states require that course sponsors/providers get approval, some require individual course approval, and almost all recognize ABET-accredited institutions and CEUs. Most states accept correspondence courses and allow CEUs to be converted to PDHs (or other measure of contact hours). A few states place the responsibility for individual course approval solely on the licensee. And because Continuing Education for PEs and LSs is relatively new and expanding, the states that require CE and their requirements change fairly frequently. If you are licensed in multiple states, you understand the situation. Since we deliver courses nationwide, it is impossible to detail every state's requirements in this catalog and how our courses may meet them. At catalog printing, we feel Auburn University and/or its courses meet CE requirements in almost all the states that require continuing education. Call us if you have questions.

You should contact your state's licensing board about their rules if you are not familiar with them, and for specific course appropriateness for your license and situation. (Before you contact your state board, please read the next section and have this catalog handy.) We work hard to comply with each state's rules, but in every state the responsibility for meeting continuing education requirements rests with you, the licensee.

The DVD and web-based correspondence courses in this program are designed to help you gain additional knowledge and satisfy state requirements for continuing education for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. We ascertained what your profession wanted, picked excellent instructors and developed and produced the courses.

These courses can be taken at home or work. Upon successful completion we award certificates from the Auburn University College of Engineering.

We suggest you browse through the course listings first. Glance at the course sections, the certificate program and instructor credentials. Read through the Program Information and the Terms of Sale.

The courses are listed by area of interest. The course title and the instructor s name are first, followed by a paragraph describing the content. Finally the course number and the number of hours are listed.

  • Course Title - This is the wording that will be used on your certificate.

  • Instructor - Full credentials are in the Instructor section.

  • Course Description

  • Course # - Use this number to order. The Course List (last page) is in numerical order.

  • Hours - This is the number of contact hours of the course. Generally these can be converted directly to PDHs (see the next page).

When you order a course, you receive the DVD, supporting handouts and a test that ascertains whether or not you met the course objectives and watched the entire course. After taking the test, return it to us for grading. Upon passing the test, we will issue your certificate. The postmark on your test will be the date of course completion on the certificate. For web-based courses, you will be issued a password which will allow you access to all necessary materials. You also have the option of taking the test online.

If you are audited by a state board, you will need to have your certificate of completion. The auditor will want to know the course, the credentials of the instructor, the content (to judge whether or not the course is appropriate for your license), and the number of contact hours.

It s a good idea to save this catalog and your Auburn University College of Engineering certificates to support your continuing education records. Auburn University also maintains a permanent record of your CEUs and can verify courses taken and certificates and CEUs granted to you.

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